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We are going to have fun working together, whether you invite me into your organization for a one-on-one strategy session, to create video content, to host a talk, be a moderator, or to host a workshop for your team. I do both national (Sweden) and international projects.

You might love the idea of using content and innovating thinking to grow your business. You might also hate being on camera or don’t have the time to run that certain task or project. Lucky for you, I love it!

Sportidealisten Jakob Wikenstaal Idrottskonsulent
I have won an award as SKAPA-Talang! This prestigious prize is awarded to the talents of the future. The prize is awarded to the young person or persons who have made the most deserving efforts in terms of innovation and creativity, product development and services that can lead to commercial opportunities. The award gives power to the innovation climate in Sweden.


I have been working at national and international sporting environments. Below are some of them.

My services: Inspiration – Strategy – Planning

Think big or think small, I offer a range of scalable services to meet the needs of your organization and budget. We could work with your current situation and work on how to take the next step and setting realistic goals from scratch. I can inspire and help you to create networking events or advice and help implement short-term projects and small-scale innovations. No matter what I will work with you to find the right solution for your objectives delivering meaningful ROI. When you are happy I am too.

Sportidealisten Jakob Wikenstaal Idrottskonsulent


You need some inspiration of how to take the next step, I will guide and inspire you to kick off that first step.

Sportidealisten Jakob Wikenstaal Idrottskonsulent


Setting up goals and realistic objective are key to a successful work. Let us set up a strategy that works with your resources and within your context.

Sportidealisten Jakob Wikenstaal Idrottskonsulent


Planning help us make great results. Planning prepare us for success. Let us develop your integrated plan that utilize a wide mix of tactics to bring some good strategies to life. In the end this should support your KPIs and objectives.

I can help you by:

• Interviewing you or someone on your team to help share your message in an engaging way. Just imagine how nice and easy it would be. I ask the questions. You answer them and smile like the amazing and inspiring leader you are.

• Run workshops, networking events and making sure everyone is getting great experiences with you.

• Teaching you my 3-step process on getting more comfortable being digital and ready for changes and being an innovative thinker so you can start to create your own small projects within your sports club or organization.

EASM Sport Management Jakob Wikenstaal

Hire Me to Speak/Moderate!

Are you looking for a high energy speaker or moderator to get your audience excited? That’s my thing! Whether you’re looking to inspire your audience to take action or get them energized to find their passion or to build your brand, I have a cool energy that is sure to wow your crowd.

Previous work as a speaker and moderator

Contact me

If you are interested to collaborate with me, feel free to contact me below.

A collaboration with me is a work we do together in order to make the most out of a great result to our customers and companies and to our societies. For my own case I can be a speaker and moderator, I can contribute with different networks and engagements at events, consult and freelance with sport clubs, sports activities and share inspiration to e.g. students within the sports industry. My collaborations can be adapted in order to make a win-win for you and me.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, ideas or thoughts.