Jakob Wikenstaal

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A Sport Manager/Entrepreneur who is curious and positive to help you with the next challenge

I am a driven sports person and I believe that everyone should be able to work with their passion. I strongly believe that a strong organizational culture and strong values bring more people together. This is how I became the youngest board member, got my dream job in sports and therefore I know I can inspire more people to achieve their dream job in sports. 

I help people finding their dream job in sports as the founder of Sportidealisten. Furthermore, I have co-founded the Nordic Sports Tech community and I am a board member of the European Association for Sport Management. Recently I have developed the sports club IFK Klagshamn and the society in southern Malmo. Some of my experiences comes from areas such as customer care, international sporting events, managing sports communities and I have also done studies on football audiences and integration projects in football and urban sports centers.

Jakob Wikenstaal (in Swedish, Wikenstål)

I have an entrepreneurship degree from California and a Bachelor and a Master degree in Sport Science and Sport Management from Sweden and Australia.

Furthermore, I am always curious and I almost feel obligated to discover and search for new things to learn from, which could be new places or cultures. This is what I am always sharing at Sportidealisten and what I stand for.

I love to discuss:
– Jobs in sports
– Sports Science and Sport Management
– Innovation, technology, development and sustainability topics in primary sports 


My vision is to inspire, make an impact and give back to the sport community.

– Jakob Wikenstaal


Diversity and inclusion are crucial to innovation, creativeness and development within associations/companies. But it’s also about something greater than advances in sport or business: It’s about giving people the power to be their true selves in all areas of their lives, including their work. Because people who are able to be their true selves are able to share their true gifts with the world.

– Jakob Wikenstaal

EASM Sportidealisten Sport Management Sport jobs Jakob Wikenstaal

Speaker and Moderator

Top 40 innovator in Sports Tech

I am one of the founders of Nordic Sports Tech and I am named as one of the top 40 Sports Tech innovators in Europe, according to the European Sports Tech Report 2020 made by Sportstechx.


Sportidealisten sports jobs recruiting consultant sports tech

I know that finding a sports job isn’t as easy as many other jobs and there are few platforms where you can find sports jobs. It takes a lot of time to find the dream job in sports but also to find and recruit the best candidates. This is where the problem started, so I decided to solve this problem. I wanted to provide a single platform for everyone who wants to work in the sports field. An easy way to find your dream job or the best candidates. Sounds great right? This is not the only benefit at Sportidealisten. I also know a lot about sports and there are so many things happening within the field. I felt that there are great lessons to be taught and more people should be aware of them. Except for the sports job platform, Sportidealisten also provides blog posts with different perspectives in order to inspire you with ideas and knowledge for a successful career and team in the sports field.

The European Association for Sport Management

EASM Sport Management Jakob Wikenstaal

The European Association for Sport Management (EASM) was established in 1993 as an independent association of people involved or interested in the management of sport in the broadest sense.

With all my great work during my two years as the Student Representative, I became the youngest board member of EASM’s history.


It is not only a cool color. There are more things behind the color. Orange is a color with a mix of red and yellow. Those colors draws attention and when looking at orange, most people feel enthusiastic and alive. You could also feel a sense of balance, and that a person is friendly and warm. I believe in these feelings and I think you can too.

Also, here are some cool and positive characteristics of orange: active, charismatic, competent, creative, emotional, energetic, exotic, explosive, flexible, funny, happy, healthy, humoristic, independent, motivated, provocative, secure, sociable, stimulated, successful, tropic and wild.

Create the best of you too! Now let’s go and find your passion.