Nordic Sports Tech

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In March 2019 Jakob funded Nordic Sports Tech with Ida Bjerga. They both felt there was a lack of an ecosystem around sports and tech and innovation and therefore decided to solve this problem.

Nordic Sports Tech’s mission is to lead the development of a Nordic connected sports tech ecosystem by supporting and connecting founders, startups, organizations and investors, corporates and universities to sustainably grow and promote the sports tech vertical in and outside the Nordic countries.

The focus lies in the areas of research, community building and global recognition of the Nordic sports tech ecosystem, and to continuously help, connect, network and fast-track Nordic startups, founders and companies at the intersection of sports, technology, and business and build a strong ecosystem.

This is Nordic Sports Tech


Nordic Sports Tech is a community that focuses on connecting the Sports Tech ecosystem in the Nordic region and building a bridge across borders.

We come together to inspire and help one another, to share ideas and solve problems.


We love to meet up with friends from all over the Nordics and share a few beers or waves.

Come spend some time meeting cool people over food and drinks, having fun, talk sports, all while you build your business.


Imagine what happens if you mix bright, creative people with a shared passion under the same roof? Magic! A.k.a. new collaborations, projects, friends and good times.

We organize meetups and events in our member countries. They are laid-back, relaxed and always include an inspiring talk of a sort.

Nordic Sports Tech in Europe

Jakob and Ida were both mentioned as top innovators among the European Sports Tech ecosystem. A report made by SportsTechX.

Nordic Sports Tech is not only a community for Nordic citizens, it is also a community for everyone interested in sports, physical activity and technology, and for those keen to think outside the box.