The European Association for Sport Management

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The European Association for Sport Management (EASM) was established in 1993 as an independent association of people involved or interested in the management of sport in the broadest sense. EASM membership is composed of academics and professionals from the public, voluntary and commercial sectors. EASM has a wide international network of experts and National Organisations in the fields of sport management and has close European and Intercontinental relations (the International Sport Management Alliance). Members of EASM come from nearly 40 different countries, and from every continent.

EASM Sport Management Jakob Wikenstaal

The youngest board member

Since Jakob’s first few weeks as the Student Representative (2017-2019) he had a clear mission to develop the image of EASM as the leading organisation within Sport Management and making it easier to engage with EASM. During the two years 2017-2019 he met and connected with more than 200 Bachelor and Master students and 40 PhD students from all over the world whom attended EASM events. 2018 he was part of the local organizing committee in Malmo, Sweden, and he has arranged two Student Seminars and one Summer School. Furthermore, Jakob has developed an online plattform for sport management students and developed a few Facebook groups where new EASM students can network. Jakob has also helped and managed the award committee for the Alberto Madella Scholarship Fund and he has helped develop an award for the Student Seminar 2019.

At the Annual General Assembly 2019, Jakob was voted by the members to become a full board member. With his great work during his two year as the Student Representative he became the youngest board member of EASM’s history.

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