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Do you want to get a foot in the sports industry or take the next step in your sports career? Then follow Sportidealisten. Here, the latest vacant sports jobs, part-time, full-time and internships are constantly being updated. Good luck and I hope Sportidealisten can help you on the path of finding your dream job!

As the founder of Sportidealisten I know that sports jobs in the world of sports exists, but vacant sports jobs are still a new field and often hidden in the sports industry. Sports businesses and Sport Management jobs are areas where the jobs are for you who like what sports contribute with and for you who is a game-changer. It is time that more people can find their dream job and Sportidealisten can see the needs and trends of the industry. There are different titles and roles to apply to in the world of sports jobs like the following:

The fact that the club director, the sports manager, the sponsor specialist in the major elite associations needs sports management skills can we all agree on. But even in the field of grassroots and local sports, the need for this knowledge is great. The development in the health area with SPA culture, gym/strength training trends, new low-intensity training for specific target groups, are areas that current or prospective Sport Managers can become active in. In order to run your own business within training or health, or if you run a municipal-owned or privately owned sports facility, knowledge of Sport Management is also a crucial factor. Sports Management jobs are available in various forms, we just need to find them.

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